Saturday, June 26, 2010


Welcome to our 1st FREEBIE FRIDAY Digi Giveaway!

The last Friday of each month we will be giving away a free digital image! So mark the day on your calendar and swing by for your freebie each month! Please note that the freebie will only be available to grab on the actual Friday, so don't miss out!

Well I know its Saturday now, sorry about the late post but better late than never!

Please enjoy Lady Baby Bug Teenie
Please remember to follow our Angel Policy, which is posted on the sidebar of the blog!



Loz said...

Thanks Mary Anne!!She's gorgeous! ♥

Teresa Carini said...

Thank you very much!

ileana said...

Thanks so much for these cute freebie! I just found you :-) have a great day!

Sheri Corwin said...

Wow, how cute and nice of you to share. Thanks you.

Jennifer Scull said...

man, what a rotten time to have the power go out..... but it sure is cute! will have to add her to my list, which is of course, growing longer every day! :)